Email Marketing and List Building

Email marketing and list building is one of the most effective ways to make money.  Most people want to change the way they make money without changing the way they e-work. They do not differentiate between the tangible global market and the e-commerce universe.

Portfolio 7 will take your email marketing to the income generation stage.

  • Email Software Setup
  • List creation management
  • Newsletter design and deployment
  • List expansion

Build a List

The first change that Portfolio 7 will make in your marketing strategies is adding a list to your resources. Of all the marketing tools available online, a list is the most cost-effective way to generate sales and engage clients.

Target a Wider Audience

email marketing

With Portfolio 7 there are no limits to the reach of your product or service. We will let the world see your offers. Sell without frontiers or price caps.

Time zones will disappear from your business and even as you sleep, your growth and sales will continue in the background.  Portfolio 7 will help you target any audience, anywhere, and at any time.

Grow, Partner, and Diversify

Within a short period, Portfolio 7 will create a huge database of faithful subscribers, who trust you and your brand. This will allow you to forge alliances with desired partners and expand your products or services. Making you more money.

How to Get Started?

It is easy to start with Portfolio 7 once you are bent on making money. The first step is to have the following 3 answers clearly defined.

  • What exactly do you sell?
  • How much money do you believe your product/service can generate each month?
  • How much can you afford to invest each month?

How does the Process Work?

Portfolio 7 is one of the few companies that believe in a production-based agreement. That is, you pay based on milestones. Once we have agreed on the project and its milestones, we move into the implementation process.

Each project is unique but is generally divided into setup,  production phases, growth phases, and expansion phases

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