Website Content Creation and SEO

content creation

Ready to change the way you make money? Long ago, content creation meant long-form articles, tons of backlinks, expensive SEO tools and software, and SEO experts with no proof that what they did ever worked. You know the story well. So, let’s move beyond that.

Portfolio 7 is all about sales today, tomorrow, and the long run.  Start benefiting from your content now. Get real people who will read, learn, and share your pieces.  How is this even possible?

How to Make Money by Creating Content

content creation

One of our clients wanted to build a website around movie stars.  What a great idea! So we started writing 300-word articles from a unique angle. For example, Jason Statham – Fram Market Vendor to Movie Star, and Will There Be a Worldwide Whisky Ban?

Within a few days, she had crossed the 1,000 views and then, the 100 shares, etc. Did the article make Google? Eventually. Did she make money from her articles? Yes! Months later, the article showed up on Google’s front page. She made money at the start and is still earning from the article.

Ready to get your unique content?

How the Process Works

All articles written by Portfolio 7 are optimized for search engines but better yet, are tailored to intrigue and engage clients. Each article becomes a marketing tool that will generate reads, likes, shares, and search engine rankings.

How to Get Started

The most important factor in content marketing is consistency.  It does not matter the length of the article, as long as it is always there. The client must be able to trust that. That is why any content agreement must be for at least three months.

  1. Choose the article that is right for you.  What should you write about?
  2. Use the shortest length possible, at a frequency that you can afford. We recommend one per day and then increase the rumble as your clientele grows.
  3.  Choose the best way to monetize your site.

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