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Change the Way You Make Money

When the Dot.com madness converted domain sales into a multi-billion dollar market, companies like Godaddy were locked into a permanent place. It was like e-real estate. These companies had e-lots and people were gobbling them up and building websites. They could make money but first, they had to change the way they did it.

And they did! Like most businesses today, they had to move away from the tangible world. They recognized that they needed new apps and tools to make more money and a lot of it. Here is the general layout that no one wants to share.

  • Cold calls became history, and opt-in emails took over.
  • Radio, TV, and Sitcoms faded out as forums and social media stole the show
  • Playfields and parks transformed into Igaming platforms such as Zuniga Poker, Warcraft, and Fortnite

change the way you make money

Did you get the picture? All of these billions of people are in one huge global market space and you need to get them to visit your e-lot. It is that simple. To do this effectively, you must harness strategies, tools, and apps that will drive more buyers to your store.

You can do it yourself or let Portfolio 7 do it for you. You can get started right now, with just the click of this link. Yet, you could read some more and learn about what exactly we will do for you.

Ready? Keep reading or click here to get started.

About Us – Who Are Portfolio 7?

We are a team of Internet geeks who like to cut to the chase and make money. We have been changing the way people make money since 1999. That means less work, less spending, and more money. There are no long, ten-page binding contracts, or exit clauses. No. That’s not what we do.

We help you change the way you make money so that you can

  • Spend less time and less effort on your e-lot
  • Invest less in ads and marketing, and
  • Increase your income

Ready to change the way you make money? Click here, or read a bit more to learn what exactly we offer.


Portfolio 7 offers three services that will help you change the way you make money. These are WordPress management, email marketing, and website content creation.

WordPress Management: Set up a robust and slender WordPress website equipped with modern apps and tools tailored to monetize your e-lot in a secure and stable environment. Click here to get started. 

Email Marketing: Portfolio 7 will set up your email marketing App, integrate management and report tools, build and maintain your list, and create and dispatch your newsletter. Click here to get started.

Website Content Creation: Start making more money with your website content. We will create content that will lure readers, increase shares, and augment your sales. Make money today, tomorrow, and always.  Click here to get started. 

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